Current Location

DKASC, Alice Springs

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Manufacturer BP Solar
Array Rating 4.95kW
PV Technology poly-Si
Array Structure Fixed: Ground Mount
Installed 2008

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Current Output

BP Solar polycrystalline silicon array, roof mount.

This roof-mounted solar arrays take advantage of otherwise unused roof space, and can save the cost of self-supporting array frames. A roof-mount array is generally the most practical solution for a domestic or commercial urban installation.

This BP Solar roof-mounted polycrystalline array has the same configuration as the BP Solar ground-mounted polycrystalline array installed at the Solar Centre. Comparing the outputs of these two arrays will determine the impact of mounting an array on the roof. These may arise from factors such as array-heating caused by decreased air circulation on a roof-mount array.

An array of this size will generate an equivalent amount of energy in a year as the total annual electricity consumption of an average Australian household.

BP Solar is a global business that designs, manufactures and markets solar electricity systems.

Array Rating 4.95kW
Panel Rating 165W
Number Of Panels 30
Panel Type BP 3165
Array Area 37.75 m²
Type Of Tracker N/A
Inverter Size / Type 6 kW, SMA SMC 6000A
Installation Completed Tue, 11 Nov 2008
Array Tilt/Azimuth Tilt = 20, Azi = 0 (Solar North)