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Yulara Solar System

The Yulara Solar System is a distributed 1.8 MW solar PV plant in Uluru (Ayers Rock), Central Australia.

Single Technologies (full data set with weather data)

  1. 0MB CSV Download
    1 1,058.4kW, poly-Si, Fixed, 2016, Desert Gardens
  2. 0MB CSV Download
    2 226.8kW, poly-Si, Fixed, 2016, Service Station
  3. 0MB CSV Download
    3-A 22.6kW, mono-Si, Roof, 2016, Sails in the Desert - 1
  4. 0MB CSV Download
    3-B 38.3kW, mono-Si, Roof, 2016, Sails in the Desert - 2
  5. 0MB CSV Download
    3-C 45.8kW, mono-Si, Roof, 2016, Sails in the Desert - 3
  6. 0MB CSV Download
    3 106.6kW, mono-Si, Roof, 2016, Sails in the Desert - Combined
  7. 0MB CSV Download
    4 327.6kW, poly-Si, Fixed, 2016, Laundry
  8. 0MB CSV Download
    5 105.9kW, mono-Si, Roof, 2016, Connellan Airport
  9. 0MB CSV Download
    Desert Gardens Weather Station
  10. 0MB CSV Download
    0 1,820.0kW, Total of all sites

Historical Weather Data (starting 2016)

  1. 0MB CSV Download
    Including irradiance, temperature, humidity, etc.

All Individual Technologies (yearly data set with weather data)

  1.   0MB CSV Download
  2.   0MB CSV Download
  3.   0MB CSV Download
  4.   0MB CSV Download
  5.   0MB CSV Download
  6.   0MB CSV Download
  7.   0MB CSV Download
  8.   0MB CSV Download
  9.   0MB CSV Download

Combined Output – All Technologies (full data set including power quality)

  1. 0MB CSV Download
    Combined output of all arrays

Specific Data Download

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