Manufacturer Solco
Array Rating 5.76kW
PV Technology CIGS
Array Structure Fixed: Ground Mount
Installed 2009

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Copper indium gallium (di)selenide thin-film array, fixed ground-mount.

Copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) replaces silicon as the active photovoltaic material in these panels. CIGS is a relatively recently developed substance for solar panels, and research continues to refine the way it is used.

CIGS panels offer higher stable efficiencies than many other thin-film panels. In laboratory tests they have achieved efficiencies comparable to crystalline silicon panels.

CIGS material can be used with a variety of substrates, allowing it to be incorporated into building materials such as roof tiles, windows and commercial building panels. This makes their installation very versatile.

This array is the first grid-connected CIGS installation in Australia. Long term data will demonstrate its performance in ranging conditions.

Solco Choice Electric is an Australian wholesaler of solar power and solar water pumping systems.

Array Rating 5.76kW
Number Of Panels 96
Panel Type Shurjo SE60-J14 A-CGS-060W
Array Area 82.91 m²
Type Of Tracker N/A
Inverter Size / Type 5 kW, SMA SB 5000TL-20
Installation Completed Fri, 30 Jan 2009
Array Tilt/Azimuth Tilt = 20, Azi = 0 (Solar North)

Notes on the Data

  1. Monitoring Interruption for UPS Battery Replacement

    The disconnection and re-connection of the solar arrays and weather station equipment while a new site connection was being established prompted the already flattening UPS batteries which power the site’s energy meters to fail and require immediate replacement. Data recording was affected from approximately 2.30pm ACST, Monday 10 July to 4.00pm, Wednesday 12 July.

    Affects weather data for DKASC, Alice Springs

    Wed, 12 Jul 2017

  2. Site 9: System Output and Configuration

    The Solco Choice Electric CIGS thin film system has been exporting less than its full DC output as AC power since installation. Technology suppliers are working to resolve this system configuration issue.

    Thu, 1 Jan 2009