Current Location

DKASC, Alice Springs

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Manufacturer eco-Kinetics
Array Rating 26.52kW
PV Technology mono-Si
Array Structure Tracker: Dual Axis
Installed 2010

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Current Output

eco-Kinetics monocrystalline silicon array, large-scale dual axis tracking.

This large scale tracker maximises the solar exposure of its 26.5 kW photovoltaic array.

The tracker orients towards the sun, moving from east to west through the day and tilting with the height of the sun’s path through the year. Its movement is controlled by a remote computer.

The array sail is 27 m wide and 8.8 m high, and its comparatively low height (6 m at its steepest tilt) allows these trackers to be installed close together without shading each other. The tracking frame also dissipates heat through vented structural arms and its stepped shape.

In Central Australia the tracker is expected to add 25 % to the array’s annual output. This technology will generally be installed in a utility-scale power plant, where monitoring and maintenance can be carried out more economically on a large number of trackers.

ADES is supplied in Australia by eco-Kinetics. eco-Kinetics provides renewable energy solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Their services include photovoltaics, wind energy systems, solar air conditioning, solar thermal and engineering consulting services.

Array Rating 26.52kW
Panel Rating 170W
Number Of Panels 156
Panel Type eco-Kinetics ECOKES 170M
Array Area 199.16 m²
Type Of Tracker ADES 5F-27M, dual axis
Inverter Size / Type 3 x 9 kW, SMA SMC 9000TL-10
Installation Completed Mon, 23 Aug 2010
Array Tilt/Azimuth Fixed. Tilt = 20' Azimuth = 0'

Notes on the Data

  1. Monitoring Interruption for UPS Battery Replacement

    The disconnection and re-connection of the solar arrays and weather station equipment while a new site connection was being established prompted the already flattening UPS batteries which power the site’s energy meters to fail and require immediate replacement. Data recording was affected from approximately 2.30pm ACST, Monday 10 July to 4.00pm, Wednesday 12 July.

    Affects weather data for DKASC, Alice Springs

    Wed, 12 Jul 2017

  2. Site 2: Damaged PV Module

    One PV module on this PV array was damaged in a wind storm. This glass front surface has been shattered by what appears to be an impact on the back of module from the frame/structure of the tracker itself. In recent months it has been noted that the performance of this array has fallen and the cause is identified as the partial failure of one array string on which this damaged module is connected. The PV module supplier Eco-Kinetics is no longer in operation and sourcing of a replacement PV module has not been possible to date.

    Sun, 1 Mar 2015

  3. Site 2: ADES Tracker Fault

    September 2012: The large scale ADES is not able to effective track the sun and was often found out of alignment. This issue could not be rectified due to the lack of technical support from the suppliers (ADES and Eco Kinetics). The decision was made to disable the tracker and leave the array in a fixed position at Tilt = 20 degrees and Azimuth = 0 degrees, solar north.

    Sat, 1 Dec 2012

  4. Site 2: ADES Tracker Fault

    On 22nd March 2012 in was noted that the large scale ADES tracker was not not tracking on the east west axis but was fixed in north north east direction. The tracking motor was removed and sent away for repair/replacement. The cause of failure was determined to be a pourous clamp housing in the east west tracking motor assembly. This pourous housing was due to manufacturing defect and a new housing was machined and replaced under warranty by original system installers. The system was operating again on 30th May 2012.

    Wed, 30 May 2012