Current Location

DKASC, Alice Springs

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Manufacturer SolFocus
Array Rating 16.8kW
PV Technology Other
Array Structure Tracker: Dual Axis
Installed 2010

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Current Output

Concentrated photovoltaic array, Solfocus.

Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technologies focus large areas of sunlight onto small, high performance solar cells, maximising output and minimising cost.

CPV technology makes use of very high efficiency, ‘triple junction’ photovoltaic cells originally developed for the space industry. These cells produce large amounts of power at high temperatures and can withstand very high levels of sunlight. The Solfocus CPV array consists of 560 mirror units, each of which focuses 650 cm2 of sunlight onto a 1 cm2 cell and converts sunlight to electricity at a high 24% overall efficiency. By making use of concentrated sunlight, less of the expensive solar cells are used.

Only direct sunlight can be focused by the mirrors in CPV arrays, so tracking systems are used to keep them pointing towards the sun. CPV arrays operate best in clear, sunny conditions, making them most suitable for desert environments.

The first large implementation of this technology in the Southern Hemisphere is installed at the Alice Springs Airport.

Ingenero develops large scale solar energy installations powered by SolFocus CPV. Ingenero is a Queensland based solar company with experience in large scale solar power generation and the provision of various solar solutions around Australia.

Array Rating 16.8kW
Panel Rating 15W
Number Of Panels 2 x 560
Array Area 2 x 42.08 m²
Type Of Tracker Solfocus SF-1100S, dual axis
Inverter Size / Type 2 x 11 kW, SMA SMC 11000TL-10
Installation Completed Mon, 8 Nov 2010
Array Tilt/Azimuth Variable. Dual axis tracking.

Notes on the Data

  1. Tracker operational

    One of the two Solfocus trackers went off line ~ 21st April 2016. The cause was traced to a faulty motor drive board. This was replaced today 17/05/2016 and the CPV system is now once again in full operation.

    Sat, 21 May 2016

  2. Site 22: Inverter Fault

    One of the two inverters on these arrays has developed an intermittent fault and shutdowns for several hours most days at around midday. This issue is being investigated and when a solution is found a notification shall be made.

    Mon, 26 Oct 2015

  3. System Outage - Sites 4, 5, 17, 20, 22, 34 & 35

    On the 5th June 2015, A Friday before a long weekend, seven individual PV systems at the DKASC were switched off by unknown persons and for unknown reasons. The outage was not noted until the following Tuesday when O&M staff returned to work and found the main circuit breakers for sites 4, 5, 17, 20, 22, 34 & 35. turned off. These systems were all turned back on again on the 9th March when the problem was detected.

    Wed, 10 Jun 2015

  4. Site 22: Inverter Failure

    An inverter failure occurred resulting in the loss of all output from one of the two Solfocus trackers. On investigation the inverter was found to have had a loose phase connection which resulted in arcing and eventually burnt out the input terminals to the inverter. The loose phase connection would have been due to a poor installation technique. The inverter was returned to SMA and replacement provided and installed. The replacement was installed in earlky May 2015.

    Mon, 13 Apr 2015

  5. Site 22: Solfocus Issue

    The Solfocus Concentrated Photovoltaics system data was taken offline for 1 week for rectification work due to it’s lower than expected output. The technology supplier identified that this issue is not due to the failure of the tracking system, but rather the dynamics of the interface between the grid and inverters. The supplier carried out rectification work.

    Sat, 19 Mar 2011