People visiting Alice Springs can freely walk through the centre and see the various installations up close. However many people from across the world also choose to download data from the installations via the DKASC website to study and better understand the different technologies and environmental factors.

  1. Solar Centre

    The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) is a demonstration facility for commercialised solar technologies operating in the arid solar conditions of Alice Springs, Central Australia.

  2. Desert Knowledge Australia

    Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) is a national organisation committed to building harmony, sustainability and prosperity for all Australian desert people, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

  3. Ekistica

    The Solar Centre was an initiative of Ekistica and Desert Knowledge Australia. Ekistica has been involved from the project’s inception; the site planning and development, all the installation works, and the operation and maintenance of the Centre.

  4. Centre for Appropriate Technology

    The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CfAT) works to secure sustainable livelihoods for communities of Indigenous people through appropriate technology.