Current Location

DKASC, Alice Springs

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Manufacturer BP Solar
Array Rating 5.1kW
PV Technology mono-Si
Array Structure Fixed: Ground Mount
Installed 2008

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Current Output

BP Solar monocrystalline silicon array, fixed ground mount.

Monocrystalline silicon is a proven technology that has been used in a wide range of applications for over 30 years.

Monocrystalline panels convert sunlight with a higher efficiency than polycrystalline and thin film panels. This means that fewer panels are required to produce a given amount of energy. They are often used when space is limited, or when there are high costs associated with installing a lot of panels.

This BP Solar monocrystalline array has a similar kW rating to the BP Solar polycrystalline array installed at the Solar Centre. Their output can be compared over a range of conditions.

A large part of the cost of monocrystalline panels is associated with the production of their silicon cells. These cells are sawn from large single crystals of silicon. The single crystals are grown with high precision in a process that consumes a significant amount of energy.

BP Solar is a global business that designs, manufactures and markets solar electricity systems.

Array Rating 5.1kW
Panel Rating 170W
Number Of Panels 30
Panel Type BP 4170N
Array Area 37.8 m²
Type Of Tracker N/A
Inverter Size / Type 6 kW, SMA SMC 6000A
Installation Completed Tue, 11 Nov 2008
Array Tilt/Azimuth Tilt = 20, Azi = 0 (Solar North)

Notes on the Data

  1. Monitoring Interruption for UPS Battery Replacement

    The disconnection and re-connection of the solar arrays and weather station equipment while a new site connection was being established prompted the already flattening UPS batteries which power the site’s energy meters to fail and require immediate replacement. Data recording was affected from approximately 2.30pm ACST, Monday 10 July to 4.00pm, Wednesday 12 July.

    Affects weather data for DKASC, Alice Springs

    Wed, 12 Jul 2017