Current Location

DKASC, Alice Springs

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Manufacturer Hanergy
Array Rating 5.61kW
PV Technology CIGS
Array Structure Fixed: Ground Mount
Installed 2010

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Current Output

Copper indium gallium di-selenide thin-film array, fixed ground-mount.

In this type of thin film module the active layer consists of Copper Indium Gallium di-Selinide (CIGS) instead of silicon. The long thin cells of CIGS modules make them less sensitive to partial shading compared to crystalline silicon modules.

In the laboratory, CIGS modules have achieved efficiencies comparable to crystalline silicon modules. Solibro CIGS modules have one of the highest conversion efficiencies of thin film modules produced on a commercial scale.

Solibro is a company of Hanergy. Hanergy is a global business that manufactures photovoltaic cells and modules.

Array Rating 5.61kW
Number Of Panels 66
Panel Type SL1-85
Array Area 49.48 m²
Type Of Tracker N/A
Inverter Size / Type 6kW, SMA SMC 6000A
Installation Completed Sun, 1 Aug 2010
Array Tilt/Azimuth Tilt = 20, Azi = 0 (Solar North)

Notes on the Data

  1. Partial system outage

    One of the major switchboards at the DKASC lost power yesterday 01/12/2016 at ~ 11:00 am. This isolated and shutdown array sites 23 through to 37 inclusive. The switchboard was reenergized at ~ 16:30 today (02/12/2016) as is again operating normally. Data for this period for these sites is lost.

    Fri, 2 Dec 2016

  2. Temporaray outage - Sites 24 and 27

    Both Site 24 and 27 went offline from the 14th to the 17th November 2016. This outage was caused by a contractor working on another system turning off these two systems for safety reasons and then forgetting to turn them back on after the work was complete. This outage was not a fault of the technology itself but rather simple human error.

    Fri, 18 Nov 2016