The DKASC was developed by CAT Projects and Desert Knowledge Australia, as a resource for the rapidly expanding solar industry in Central Australia. The Solar Centre promotes understanding and confidence in solar technologies, and provides the industry with long term system level data proving the reliability of solar generators in an Australian context.

The DKASC was completed with funding from the Australian Federal Government through the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (administered by the NT Government’s Renewable Remote Power Generation Program).


Visitors to the DKASC site in Alice Springs observe the different solar arrays operating in native arid bushland. The site introduces the science of solar technologies, and a circuit walk around the Centre demonstrates the differences in the operation of the demonstrated technologies.

Solar technicians in Alice Springs train at the facility, with local educational institutions Batchelor College and Centre for Appropriate Technology sharing the Centre’s location at the Desert Knowledge Precinct.

This website is a resource in education and general understanding about solar technologies. It introduces solar science and explains the differences in the installed solar technologies. Go to the Live System Information page to see what the different installations are generating now.

System Data

A standard and automated metering system has established the performance data from the DKASC as an invaluable source of long term system level data. This information is collected at a resolution that confirms the reliability of solar technologies and logs power quality information that is relevant to the growth of large solar power stations in Australia.

The system data is available for download from the Historical Data page of the website. It is contributing to the development of solar technologies in Australia and worldwide.


Due to the interest from solar manufacturers in demonstrating their solution in arid Central Australia, the DKASC has developed the facility to offer technology demonstration on commercial terms. Developments to the DKASC website will also show the performance of solar power systems in different parts of Australia.