CAT Projects delivers professional engineering services and solutions designed to enhance the sustainability of remote and urban communities across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. CAT Projects’ solutions are people-focused, innovative and practical, acknowledging the important relationship between people, technology and settlements.

This philosophy is applied as CAT Projects works with clients from both the commercial and broader NGO sectors. As an engineering consultancy CAT Projects operates with the intellectual rigour and integrity demanded of them and offers a unique level of expertise, innovation and performance. CAT Projects’ clients have access to a range of capabilities and intellectual property built up by years of working in Indigenous communities through the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT Ltd), Australia’s indigenous science and technology organisation which works to secure sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities through appropriate technology.

For 28 years, CAT has been delivering progressive solutions and inspirational engineering and technology achievements across Central and Northern Australia. CAT Ltd’s holistic approach and values have now been transferred and applied outside of Indigenous communities through CAT Projects. This expertise includes training, research and project and program management in the areas of:

  • Energy supply and use - particularly renewable energy
  • Water quality and supply
  •  Telecommunications

CAT Projects staff are also actively involved in several boards, taskforces and expert panels for the Northern Territory and Commonwealth Government. These include:

  • Green energy Taskforce NT
  • Australian Solar Energy Society Board of Directors
  • Australian PV Association
  • Commonwealth Government independent expert panels

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